I am Garrett.

Hacking my way to POTUS and building Utopia along the way.

I'm a musician currently running a music marketing business(1), as well as working a day job(2).

  1. Approaching Utopia, LLC
  2. Communications Director at the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)

I've been many things in the past of my life (professionally and as hobbies):

  • Search engine optimizer
  • Web designer
  • Musician
  • Game designer and developer
  • Writer
  • ...the list goes on.

Spiritually, I follow a path of Buddhism.

This site is basically a place to dump all my ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc, that I don't feel like fit in other places.

I want to try to simplify my life and get rid of having a different website for every thought and subject I'm interested in.

My professional sites will exist, and then outside of that, there will be this site.

So, that's where we're at.

Hope you enjoy your stay.